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Hi! New here.

Hi! New here.

I'm mostly an occultic/nonfiction reader. An epicurean of occultic stuff, I guess you could say. I favour Crowley books, and one in particular by Judika Illes- "5,000 Spells". It's no longer printed here in the U.S., probably because it contains so much information American's don't want their kids reading. "5,000 Spells" is not some self-written book of poetry the writer thinks might work for their readers because they themselves used it, but is rather a compendium of documented spells and practices across many cultures. It's heavy in research, including documented spells that require blood, poisonous plants, and other things some people may find objectionable. She does (unlike Fiona Horne, famed Australian "witch") include warnings throughout, and explanations about ingredients. Wonderful author, if you ever have the inclination to seek out a copy.

I also have a question that has been bothering me for years. I am looking for a book- not such a tough question, until this part: I have no idea who the author is or what title is, and don't know the publication date. It's an odd children's puzzle book. Not one of those easy, happy, friendly-looking publications. The cover was mostly yellow, pages black and white. Contained puzzles such as visual illusions, pictures that are one thing straight up and upside down are another. Characters, little men with large noses and black clothes were throughout the pages. Last saw it around 1993-4, but had a definite 70's feel to illustration. I've already searched Harvest Books, and am still searching the 250,000 hits on Amazon. Any suggestions?
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