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Summer Reading

During the school year my time for my own pursuits are severely limited. And I mean severely. So during the summer I like to dedicate myself to something done strictly for myself. This year in particular, I haven’t read a book that doesn’t have SOMETHING to do with my classes since start of quarter (which was Helen of Troy by Margaret George. So I have a reading list I’m working on for summer vacation. Here is what I have so far, as well as a few stats that may help in case anyone would like to suggest their own favorites!


Brains Are Sexy!



*The Good Earth

-Pearl S. Buck


*Madame Curie

-Eve Curie





*The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read

-Tim C. Leedom


*The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Beauty’s Punishment

Beauty’s Release

-Anne Rice


*The Giver

-Lois Lowry


*Perfume: Story of a Murderer

-Patrick Suskind




Genre: Historical Fiction/Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Politics, Philosophy

Themes: Birth/Death, Heroism, Truth/Deception, Journey, Hope/Hopelessness, Betrayal, Power, Judgment (NO book similar to the Left Behind series please), Sense of self, Survival, Individualism/Conformity


Books to Date:


                        -Gregory Maguire


                        -Morgan Llwelyn

            *Harry Potter

                        -J.K Rowling

            *The Red Tent

                        -Anita Diamant

            *Helen of Troy

                        -Margaret George

            *Divine Secret’s of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

                        -Rebecca Wells

            *Incarnations of Immortality

                        -Piers Anthony

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