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During the school year my time for my own pursuits are severely limited. And I mean severely. So during the summer I like to dedicate myself to something done strictly for myself. This year in particular, I haven’t read a book that doesn’t have SOMETHING to do with my classes since start of quarter (which was Helen of Troy by Margaret George. So I have a reading list I’m working on for summer vacation. Here is what I have so far, as well as a few stats that may help in case anyone would like to suggest their own favorites!


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The Giver by Lois Lowry

This was a really great book. Automatically one of my favorites.

Jonas lives in a world where there is no pain, no diversity. Only pleasantness and what they call Sameness. When he turns twelve, like all the other kids his age, he gets assigned to a job in the Community. Only Jonas, instead of getting one of the more common jobs gets selected to be the next Receiver. The Receiver of Memories-memories from the time when the world did not consist of Sameness, when there was pain and joy, war and love.

This book brings up the question of whether world peace is worth the sacrifice of true feeling.

It's a quick read and really well written. I love it, and I hope y'all will check it out and love it as well.

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Looking for Codex Rosae Crucis

Hi. I am hunting for copies of the Codex Rosae Crucis, preferably the 1970's run with the red hardcover for under $30. My ex picked up a copy at the used bookstore for about $10 and never read it... really, I should have taken it when I left, but what's done is done, right? So if anyone is selling a copy for less than $30, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands!

Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate

 Selling the back issues of the Russian version of the "Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate", years 1947 thru 1990.  A couple of issues are missing, but other than that - it is all there and in an excellenct condition.  The magazines are a little dusty since they were kept in a church basement for the past decade.

The price for the set of all issues 1947-1990 is $200.

The issues can also be sold separately.  Separate issues can be mailed at your expense, but should you wish to purchase larger amounts - they are available for pick up in Manhattan, NYC.

Please, reply here, or at deprecorlentesco @ mail. ru
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Hi! New here.

Hi! New here.

I'm mostly an occultic/nonfiction reader. An epicurean of occultic stuff, I guess you could say. I favour Crowley books, and one in particular by Judika Illes- "5,000 Spells". It's no longer printed here in the U.S., probably because it contains so much information American's don't want their kids reading. "5,000 Spells" is not some self-written book of poetry the writer thinks might work for their readers because they themselves used it, but is rather a compendium of documented spells and practices across many cultures. It's heavy in research, including documented spells that require blood, poisonous plants, and other things some people may find objectionable. She does (unlike Fiona Horne, famed Australian "witch") include warnings throughout, and explanations about ingredients. Wonderful author, if you ever have the inclination to seek out a copy.

I also have a question that has been bothering me for years. I am looking for a book- not such a tough question, until this part: I have no idea who the author is or what title is, and don't know the publication date. It's an odd children's puzzle book. Not one of those easy, happy, friendly-looking publications. The cover was mostly yellow, pages black and white. Contained puzzles such as visual illusions, pictures that are one thing straight up and upside down are another. Characters, little men with large noses and black clothes were throughout the pages. Last saw it around 1993-4, but had a definite 70's feel to illustration. I've already searched Harvest Books, and am still searching the 250,000 hits on Amazon. Any suggestions?
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Review: Osprey M-A-A #448: Irish-American Units in the Civil War

This is my latest purchase from Osprey Publishing's "Men-at-Arms" series.  It's a new release I learned about from the company's mailing list.  I'm not a big student of the War Between the States, even though I grew up here in the South.  A title about the Irishmen in the war caught my attention, however, because of the large Irish community that lived in ante-bellum New Orleans.

Being the second-largest port city in America (behind NYC) for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, New Orleans naturally attracted a large number of immigrants.  The Irish, escaping famine and oppression at home, found New Orleans and the areas of the Louisiana Purchase offered a lot more than home.  The Irish took on many of the dirty manual labor jobs on which slave owners wouldn't risk their property, such as construction of the navigation canals that connected New Orleans with Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico.  When North fought South, it was natural that Irishmen on either side would take up arms and defend their homes, even while thinking back to their Homeland.

Irish-American Units in the Civil War offers a state-by-state overview of the Irishmen serving with both the Union and the Confederacy.  The section on Louisiana's Irish troops to be fascinating.  The Louisiana Tigers, dressed Zouave-style in blue  jackets with red-and-white striped pants are legendary, and their Irish heritage is detailed here. Because it deals with the Civil War, there are many more photographs than illustrations and paintings throughout the book, providing accurate views of uniforms.  

The eight pages of color plates, four Union, four Confederate, show the preponderance of green that Irish volunteers wore as part of their uniforms on both sides.  Two of the plates show some of the ante-bellum uniforms of Irish volunteer companies.  These are great examples of how the influence of mid-Victorian styles in Britain filtered over to the US, complete with high bearskin caps.  The plates stir the imagination, as one wonders what would be on the mind of an officer of the Montgomery Guard of the NY State Militia, as he walked through Manhattan on a leisurely Sunday afternoon in 1859.

As always, the book has a Selected Bibliography, which makes a great starting point for more in-depth research on the subject. 
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Jurassic Park--DNA strand.

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Hey everyone.

I started a book club community angiesbookclub and it'd be great to get some people to join.  I really want to focus on discussions.  Our first book is 1984 by George Orwell.  2 week or 1 month time spans depending on how large or in depth a book is.  

PS, if I need to delete this post just let me know.


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Tomorrow begins my first semester of uni (and good luck to everybody else starting school!), so I'm guessing that as a music major, this has been the last chance I have to read very much until Christmas break. :( Ah well! Here's a list of my August reads, with summaries/review of each.

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Discussion is welcome!
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